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It is a common experience that getting the right type of blood at the right time is difficult and time consuming.


Though you may donate voluntarily, getting it just when you need it can be costly.

In this context, certain questions come to mind:
What happens to the blood collected in various Camps?
Do we have to purchase at a high price in time of emergency?
Does your donated blood really reach to the needy?
By Voluntarily donating blood, are you actually helping to save someone’s life?

With the viewpoint of providing quick, reliable and single-window access to blood donors and receivers, Arpan Jyoti Foundation is soon launching India’s First Blood Helpline.


What do we do when we need?

We call up to our relatives and friends.
We search other Blood Banks & Hospitals.
We contact volunteer organizations if we know.

At the time of emergency we face difficulties in finding the right blood donor?    

But we face more difficulties when…


The concern Hospital tells…

Need of Fresh Blood.
Don’t accept other blood bank’s blood.
Don’t accept donors card.( if not issued by them)
Need of PLATELET donor.
Need Replacement ( Not Blood from other blood bank, but Donor)

So how can we get Help in these situations……?

Can Stored Blood Help us? ( which has collected in Camps)
Can Donation Card Help us?

More problem starts when someone is…

From out of the City.
Not having any friends/ relatives.
Not having any link who can recommend.

So is there any SOLUTION?

  To help people in these above situation we at
  How we do.... click here