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How we do

Arpan Jyoti Foundation Launching India’s First BLOOD HELPLINE.

Key Highlights

Creation Of an area-wise donor’s data base.
Quick, smooth access to the listed donor from the same locality when required.
Prompt response and efficient coordination by our well-qualified staff.
Ensure 100% Transparency.
Helps in saving someone’s life.

A social, non-profit initiative – together let’s serve the society in a better way,

Arpan Jyoti Foundation’s Blood Helpline is a social initiative, inspired by a purely humanitarian cause.

Your wholehearted participation in this project will make it more successful.


What You Can Do?

Can Register Your name today as a Donor.
Can Motivate others to be a Donor.
Can give Quick Response when You get SMS or Call.
Can be a Coordinator In Your Locality.
Can Support This Helpline in Physically / Mentally & Financially.

We solicit and welcome your physical, Emotional and Financial support in this Noble Endeavour.

Donate Time, Blood, and Effort and be a part of this growing new family.