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Message from Arpan Jyoti

Donation is a very noble and benevolent concept prevalent since ages in our country. It has been practiced since ancient times. Its importance has been stressed by our sages and leaders too. We contribute for the betterment of the society as it is important for our progress and success.

Inspite of people having right spirit to donate there have been very few transparent platforms for genuine donations. Our concept is based on transparency, genuineness and the right spirit of donation. A lot of donations are happening every day but one of the important questions is that whether these donations reach the right people and surprisingly, most of the times the answer is “NO”.


However, some questions remain unanswered…

Why we donate? For social service or to get tax exemption certificate?
In spite of so many donations, why there is a glaring gap between donors and receivers?
Do we really check what happens to our donations? Rather, is it possible to trace our donations?
Does our good effort and action reach the target people every time?
Is the receiver genuinely needy?
Do the social organizations serve to their fullest capability or work only for the sake of social cause?
Are you aware that your donations instead of reaching the deserving may be misused for self-centered motives?
Do our donations reach the receiver fully or only partially?

The questions are many and the answers are not convincing enough.

The only way to make donations more meaningful and worthwhile is to establish transparency in the process.